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Today’s exchange rate

U.S. Dollar-flagU.S. Dollar
WE BUY: 133.80
WE SELL: 137.20
WE BUY: 140.40
WE SELL: 144.30
Chinese Yuan-flagChinese Yuan
WE BUY: 18.40
WE SELL: 19.70
Korean Won-flagKorean Won
WE BUY: 0.1015
WE SELL: 0.1055
Hong Kong Dollar-flagHong Kong Dollar
WE BUY: 16.30
WE SELL: 17.60
Singapore Dollar-flagSingapore Dollar
WE BUY: 97.80
WE SELL: 101.00
New Taiwan dollar-flagNew Taiwan dollar
WE BUY: 4.15
WE SELL: 4.50
Thai Baht-flagThai Baht
WE BUY: 3.70
Philippine Peso-flagPhilippine Peso
WE BUY: 2.30
WE SELL: 2.48
British Pound-flagBritish Pound
WE BUY: 163.50
Canadian Dollar-flagCanadian Dollar
WE BUY: 97.30
WE SELL: 100.80
Australian Dollar-flagAustralian Dollar
WE BUY: 89.70
WE SELL: 93.00
New Zealand Dollar-flagNew Zealand Dollar
WE BUY: 84.80
WE SELL: 88.00
Swiss Franc-flagSwiss Franc
WE BUY: 142.60
WE SELL: 146.90
Update date and time:2022-12-10 12:00
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It will be temporarily closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Year-end and New Year's business information. 

The office will be closed from December 30 to January 5.


About exchange rates of banks and airports

For exchange rates at banks and airports, a fee of approximately 3 to 4 yen is posted for each currency. In the case of automatic foreign currency exchange machines, in addition to that, an additional fee is added. We “Ginza Exchange” have our own know-how to reduce the fee. For that reason we can offer you the most profitable rate in the Ginza area. The figure below compares when we exchange foreign currency.

When exchanged from Japanese yen to 1000USD (US dollar)

In case of Ginza exchange

Ginza Exchange

110.83 × 1000USD = 110,830 yen

Offer at theBest Rate

In case of airport exchange office

Airport change office

113.60 × 1000USD = 113,600 yen

Our dealer “2,630yen”profitable

In case of bank


113.46 × 1000USD = 113,460円

Our dealer “2,770yen”profitable

Even with a currency exchange of 1,000 dollars, a large difference will be generated as shown in the figure.If you want to make informative foreign currency exchange, please use Ginza Exchange.

”Four reasons” to choose our shop

High profit rate

High profit rate

Our shop is able to exchange money at a high profit rate than other stores such as banks and airports by thoroughly suppressing costs.

Any time

Any time

Our shop is open throughout the year.Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 17 o’clock On weekdays it is open until late as 21:00. You can exchange money at any time.



For currency exchange less than 2000,000 yen, there is no need to prepare documents. As a result, it is possible to exchange money quickly in one minute.



Foreign currency exchange from bank notes 1 currency unit is possible. Please feel free to visit even a small amount of foreign currency exchange.I sincerely welcome you.

Access information

sunwood building 1F, 8-5-18 Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo
TEL : +81(0)3-3572-5355

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Ginza Exchange is a 6 minute walk from Ginza Station. 3 minutes on foot from Shimbashi station.It is in a place full of Tokyo sightseeing spots, such as hotels in Ginza, Izakaya in Shimbashi, Kabukiza, Tsukiji etc. At sightseeing spots you can not use credit cards yet. There are no automatic currency exchange machines in sightseeing spots. For Sightseeing, Meal, Shopping, etc, with foreign currency exchange at our shop in advance. I promise the highest profit rate in Ginza.

In shopping
There is a Ginza Exchange near ‘Ginza Namiki Street’, ‘GINZA SIX’, ‘Museum’ where brand shops line up. There are daily goods stores such as electronics mass retailers and drug stores in the surrounding area. Please do foreign currency exchange at our highly profitable shop and enjoy shopping.

In the vicinity of Ginza Exchange there are many famous food shops including “Ginza Kyubei”. There are also popular eateries such as Izakaya, yakitori shop, and standing drinks shop If you go to the Tsukiji fish market, you can taste fresh seafood directly sent to the production area However, since there are many payments with cash only at such shops, it is safe to exchange foreign currency in advance at the Ginza exchange.

Around Ginza
Nearby there is the Kabukiza and Hamarikyu Gorge. There are many representative sightseeing places in Japan such as the Imperial Palace, the Tsukiji fish market and the Tokyo Tower a little further. There are places where you can experience traditional Japanese culture such as kimono dressing, tea ceremony and calligraphy in the city of Ginza. Please enjoy the Ginza full of highlights.