Q, Can I exchange foreign currency on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays?
A, You can also deal on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Q, What is the opening hours?
A, Weekday 11:00~20:00
weekends 12:00~17:00
We are open in the above hours.
Q, when is the rate renewed?
A, Weekdays are updated around 10 o’clock every morning.Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays use the last update rate of the previous day.
※When there are major fluctuations in the exchange rate, it is subject to renewal every time.
Q, When I go to foreign currency exchange Is there anything other than foreign currency / cash required?
A,If foreign currency exchange amount exceeds 2,000,000 yen, identity confirmation document is necessary.In that case, please prepare one of the following personal identification documents.
・Driver’s license issued in Japan
・Passport (Any Nationality Welcome)
・Basic resident register card(Juki card)
・Residence card (Resident card)
・certificate of registered matters or Registration of Personal Seal(In the case of a corporation, we also need Personal identification documents of those who came to the store)
・Documents that can confirm the business contents of the articles of incorporation(In the case of a corporation, we also need Personal identification documents of those who came to the store)
Q,Can I exchange foreign currency using a credit card?
A,Foreign currency exchange using a credit card is not possible.
Q,Do I need to pay a separate fee when making foreign currency exchange?
A,It does not cost a commission,
It will be foreign currency exchange according to the rate posted at the shop front.
Q, Are foreign currency exchange amounts restricted such as upper and lower limit?
A,There is no lower limit.
It is possible to trade from one minimum of the currency you wish to exchange foreign currency.
Q,Is it possible to issue a receipt?
A,It is possible.
Please tell the staff at the time of currency exchange.
Q,Can I exchange many kinds of foreign currency at once?
A,It is possible.
However, it is necessary to fill in the documents by the type of currency.
Q,Is there a possibility that the rate posted on the web and the rate posted at the store are different?
A, It may be different.
The rate of currency exchange is updated several times a day. It is not real-time rate.
Q,Is it possible to exchange coins for foreign currency?
A, Coins can not be exchanged for foreign currency. Only bank notes can make foreign currency exchange.
Q,Is it possible to trade foreign currency not posted in the shop?
A,Foreign currency exchange is possible only in the currency displayed.
Q,How long does it take to currency exchange?
A, The procedure will be completed in a few minutes.
However, it takes a little more time for foreign currency exchange of 2,000,000 yen or more because there is confirmation work of identity confirmation documents.
Q,Can foreign currency exchange be done even for banknotes with poor condition?
A, Depending on the state, we may refuse.
For confirmation by visual inspection and confirmation with a bill validator,If the paper currency is damaged or stained, it can not be determined. In that case we may refuse. Please acknowledge it beforehand.